About RSR Financial Resources

RSR Overview

RSR Financial Resources provides consulting services as they pertain to tax planning and preparation, business management and internal systems design, financial statement evaluation and preparation and mortgage financing evaluation.  RSR Financial Resources can also assist people who are interested in setting a value for their firm prior to listing it for sale.

consulting-2Since its inception in 1990, RSR Financial Resources has been providing a wide variety of Equipment Financing Programs for the business and government sectors.  RSR can also provide several, unique types of receivable financing for commercial firms.  RSR Financial Resources has maintained its original mission of enabling commercial businesses and government entities, both local & national, to have the most productive, efficient and technologically modern equipment in place at all times.

dental-equip-1RSR has been able, through its numerous alignments with banks and national leasing sources, to structure programs for rate sensitive clients, those who need to acquire unusual equipment, new or startup businesses and custom financing programs that have created niche markets for vendors of various types of equipment.

telecomminication-equip-2After many years of accumulated experience, RSR Financial Resources has developed quick, effective and red-tape-free ways of accomplishing its original mission while providing prompt, personal and professional service.