Tax Organizer & Input Worksheets

These forms will help you organize your relevant tax information prior to filing your return.  The “Tax Organizer Package” is the most complete documents and includes all the worksheets you would ever need.   We suggest that you use it and discard those schedules at are not pertinent to your profile.  If you need additional forms simply select what you need from the documents listed under the Tax Organizer Package.

“IMPORTANT” For security reasons you may not want to fill in the forms/worksheets you select to use while they are on your computer screen.  The alternative is once you select your form/worksheet you would save your chosen document to your computer, and place it in a folder on your computer where you can access it later.  Once you have the Organizer or one of the other worksheets on your screen,  just right-click anywhere on the page and select “save as”.  Next, name the file the same as the worksheet name you selected, and place it in a folder that you can access later.  Each time you add, change or delete info be sure to save the file.  When you have completed your entries and editing you can simply email these docs  to me as attachments along with your other source documents.

The personal information form and source document forms (which are part of the Tax Organizer Package) are very important.  The personal information form is for you to list the legal name, social security number and date of birth for you, your spouse and all of your children and/or dependents.  The source document list form is a check list for the documents that will be sent to you and the IRS and must be matched when your return is prepared.

For your convenience, these forms can be filled with your relevant totals “on-screen”!  Once done you can save the forms to a file, update them later if necessary and then email them to me as an attachment.  You can also print the forms to paper, fill them in and then fax, mail or bring them in with you if you have scheduled an appointment.

  • Our fax number is 775-851-7966.  If you chose to scan the forms, do so and then email them as attachments to rick@rsrfinancial.comCall us if you have any questions at 775-851-7900.