Fee Schedule

The following list will give you a general idea of what fees might be charged for the type of work you might engage us to do for you.  While additional complexity attached to what you need us to accomplish will raise your fee levels, the following list is meant to reflect the minimum costs to prepare tax returns of a variety of types.  If you know which ones will be required in your particular circumstances, it should be easy for you to estimate your minimum costs.  The following is a general list of returns and services along with their minimum preparation costs:

  • 1040 returns with or without itemized deduction schedules – $325.00
  • 1040 returns plus state returns, for each state return add $100.00
  • 1040 + Schedule C for Self-Employed individuals – $350.00
  • 1040 + Schedule E with one Rental Property – $350.00
  • 1040 + 4797 Trades/Dispositions or Installment Sales –  $375.00
  • 1120 C or 1120 S Corporations – $375.00
  • 1065 Partnerships – $375.00
  • 1041 Estate or Trust Returns – $375.00
  • Children’s returns – $100.00 to $175 each
  • Amended returns – $200.00 each
  • Consulting Services – $125.00 per hour

Again these are minimum fees and the two things will cause these figures to rise are as follows:

  1. The amount of complexity connected to the return preparation.
  2. The difficulty found in working with the preparation information and documents you supply in order to complete the task.

Having your information complete, well organized and easy to work with will serve you well with controlling the costs of preparing your return (s).

This schedule will change from time-to-time due to increases in the cost of doing business, so it is wise to check the sight if you have not done so in a material amount of time.