Tax Prep & Consulting Services

Tax Planning & Consulting

The tax planning and preparation services provided by RSR Financial Resources will assist individuals and small businesses in ways to help them plan and execute their business formation and strategies with the most favorable outcomes from a tax standpoint.


Business Management & Internal System Design

The business management and internal systems design services will help small businesses improve their bookkeeping and internal reporting systems, so real time and periodic evaluations can be made about their firm’s performance, efficiencies and profitability.  RSR is able to help small business firms change the form of their business form a proprietorship format to a C Corporation, S Corporation or LLC format, in order to obtain the advantages of such a move should it fit the given circumstances.


Financial Statement Evaluation & Preparation

The financial statement evaluation and preparation services will help small businesses to present their financial position in ways to enhance their ability to borrow capital or sell their business with the best possible outcome.


Mortgage Financing Evaluation – Consulting

The mortgage financing evaluation services will assist individuals evaluate different types of mortgage products.  Once evaluated RSR will  match the chosen product to their specific strategies and assist them in an effort to see that their loan is placed whenever possible.