Nevada Tax Tips & Forms

If you need to know your various, business  tax requirements, or need forms to file or register, this is the place for you  to get started.

The departments that you will need to be familiar with are the following:

Secretary of State

The Secretary of State Office is where you would file and/or pay for your State Business License  when it comes of for renewal.

Home Page click here to access:

Once on the page click on “forms” at the to of the page.


To go directly to the Forms page click here:


DETR (Nevada Unemployment Department)

DETER is where you would file payroll reports such as the Employers Contribution and Wage Report and the Bond Contribution Report for your payroll tax requirements.

Home Page click here:

For Employer Information click here:

Nevada Department of Taxation

Nevada Department of Taxation is where you would file Sales and Use Tax Reports, Consumer Use Tax Reports and the NEW Commerce Tax Reports.

Home Page click here:

Commerce Tax Information click here:

We have made a combined form for you that you can fill in on screen and print or save to a file and print later.

Once completed you are ready to mail it in.

To access this form simply click here: Nevada-commerce-tax-fill-in-pack

Once on the various sites you can access the forms you need and the information behind the forms that is necessary for you to be properly informed about your requirements if any.  Naturally we are your backup source if your are not clear about the answers you obtain or the information you have researched.